The Best Small Condoms For A Snug Fit

As many men know, it can seem near impossible to find a condom that fits snugly while still allowing for enhanced sensitivity. However, it’s totally within the realm of possibility. Here are three of the best small condoms with exactly what you need for safe, enjoyable lovemaking every time.

Okamoto 003 (Zero Zero Three) Condoms

Okamoto 003The Okamoto Zero Zero Three is arguably one of the best snug-fit condoms currently available. By providing customers with a soft, fine condom that’s only 0.03 mm thick and snug, to boot, you can bet that that this condom offers the best of both worlds. For an extra safe, hygienic experience, the reservoir tips has been removed for a smoother, sleeker fit. Okamoto has also found a way to mask the latex scent and remove its protein- and water-solubility, ensuring that your condoms don’t break even under intense duress, with no unpleasant latex smell. Okamoto 003 Condoms have a unique “inside out” design, optimized for both male and female pleasure. This also allows for easy application even when it’s dark.

Overall, Okamoto has really outdone themselves with the 003. Its snug, protective fit prevents falling off and slipping–however, this condom is not recommended for those with a little extra girth. The patented, premium latex is soft, smooth, and ultra thin while still being tough. To give you an idea, you can fit your whole hand in one without it breaking! However, keep in mind that this is a Japanese product, and the packaging and manual are only in Japanese.

LifeStyles Snugger Fit Condoms

LifeStyles Snugger Fit Condoms_These condoms are specifically tailored to give you extra stimulation with none of the slippage associated with regular latex condoms. LifeStyles Snugger Fit Condoms are shaped to look and feel natural, with minimal latex look and smell to distract you. They’re also pre-lubricated to provide added enjoyment every time.

You can rest easy knowing that these condoms do the job right–the Snugger Fit series from LifeStyles offers a comfortably close fit without being overbearingly right, for added pleasure and security that fits your needs just right.

Caution Wear Iron Grip Condoms

Caution Wear Iron Grip Snugger Fit CondomsCaution Wear Iron Grip Condoms are made to be slightly narrower than regular latex condoms to ensure a tighter, more secure fit and are built with the standard parallel construction customary for regular condoms, with a reservoir tip and made of sheer latex. To ensure durability, each Caution Wear condom is fitted and stress-tested electronically before being made available for commercial use.

This condom is perfect for the buyer looking for something that fits the bill, so to speak. The fit is snug, even on smaller men, and allows for plenty of flexibility in use while also fitting as close as you need. This Caution Wear condom is especially good for uncircumcised men who want to avoid the pitfalls and looseness of regular condoms.

So, there you have it: three of the best small condoms on the market today. Hopefully this provides a good idea of what you need to find the best fit for you.

The Best Non-Latex Condoms For Your Pleasure

These days, sensitivities and allergies are, unfortunately, as common as a cold. However, for those with latex allergies, this doesn’t have to be the end of the line for your in regard to dating. There are plenty of premium non-latex options for your protection and enjoyment that offer just as much quality–if not more–than a latex condom.

Here are three of the best non-latex condoms on the market today:

Durex Avanti Bare Real Feel Polyisoprene Condoms

Durex Avanti Bare Real Feel Polyisoprene CondomsThat’s right: Durex, a brand trusted for over 80 years for high-quality, affordable protection, has a line of non-latex condoms! These are pre-lubricated condoms made with polyisoprene, a recently-developed synthetic latex substitute designed for those with latex allergies to enjoy the same safety and sensuality offered by other Durex products. The Durex Avanti Bare Real Feel Polyisoprene line is designed to be both thin and durable, and shaped for quick, easy application.

These condoms offer a heightened sensitivity for the wearer and pleasant scent and taste for their partner that is seldom matched by any other condom manufacturer. If you’re looking for a high-quality, affordable non-latex condom to suit your needs, Durex has you covered.

Sagami Original 001 Regular-Size, Ultra Thin Condoms

Sagami Original 001 Regular-Size_condomsThis polyurethane condoms come from a Japanese-imported brand and are, quite literally, the thinnest non-latex condoms available, if not the thinnest ever made. Sagami Original 001 Regular-Size, Ultra Thin Condoms
measure an astounding 0.01 mm in thickness–to give you an idea, that’s about 1/6 the thickness of human hair! Despite how thin this product is, it’s extremely durable–Sagami has spent over 10 years developing and stress-testing over 20,000 units to ensure that they can offer the best in both pleasure and protection.

As you can see, Sagami Originals are truly designed to be the closest thing you’ll feel to wearing nothing at all. You may find yourself checking to make sure it’s still there, but don’t fret–the material is extremely durable and resistant to breakage. On the downside, with a diameter of only 36mm, these condoms can be a tight fit, especially at first, and may get a little bit loose from stretching. However, nothing currently on the market delivers quite like Sagami can in the thinness and durability of their non-latex condoms.

Lifestyles Skyn Intense Feel Polyisoprene Condoms

Lifestyles Skyn Intense Feel Polyisoprene Condoms_Lifestyles now offers the first textured non-latex condom made out of polyisoprene! The design itself is a combination of wavy ridges and studs to hit all those sensitive areas just right, all while offering both the sensitivity and the strength of ultra-thin, premium latex. Rest assured that Lifestyles Skyn Intense Feel Polyisoprene Condoms won’t disappoint when you need them most, and as such an affordable price point for the quality, they’re quite the steal!

The texture offers satisfying sensations, especially in comparison to the regular Lifestyles Skyn condoms. On the downside, these are a little thicker than the other brands mentioned here, and due to the varied textures, you may want add a little extra lube to these. Overall though, the Intense feel condoms are both reliable and, well, intense!

If you feel like you’re not having any luck finding the best non-latex condoms to suit your needs, hopefully this list offers some suggestions and starting points to get you on the right track to maximizing your safety and pleasure! After all, who says you can’t have both?