How to Use Female Condoms for Maximum Effectiveness

woman_holding_female_condomThe female condom is a relatively new contraceptive product, having made the scene in 1988, and if you learn how to put on a female condom properly, you’ll find that it is a remarkably safe and effective form of birth control. Female condom effectiveness relies on proper insertion, so it’s important to learn how to use a female condom. Female condom effectiveness is high, with five pregnancies per 100 users when inserted correctly, but degrades to twenty pregnancies per 100 users when misapplied. Female condom effectiveness can be increased through the application of spermicide or concurrent use of birth control pills. So read on, and we’ll cover the vital details of the female condom.

The female condom is typically made of polyurethane and it’s basically a cylindrical receptacle with rings at each end. As to how to put on a female condom for vaginal intercourse, slip the closed end into your vagina and guide it in until the first ring makes contact with your cervix. The ring at the open end of the female condom should extend just a bit outside your vagina. Learning how to put on a female condom for anal intercourse involves the same basic procedure. Insert the female condom so that it’s deep within your anus, with the ring of the receiving end of the female condom left outside your anus. Bear in mind that you should only use water-based lubricants with latex condoms for the condom’s structural integrity. Female condom effectiveness plunges if an oil-based lubricant eats away at the female condom.

When learning how to use a female condom, it’s possible that your partner’s penis may miss the condom’s entry ring or pull free during intercourse. If this happens, simply remove and rinse your female condom, and now that you know how to put on a female condom, simply re-insert it. Your first few uses of the female condom may involve some trial and error, but you’ll quickly learn how to put on a female condom.

You’ll also soon come to appreciate the advantages of the female condom. It doesn’t rely on your partner maintaining his erection to remain in place, plus the friction of the female condom’s outer ring against your clitoris can trigger simultaneous vaginal and clitoral orgasms. Inserting a female condom can also turn into scintillating love play for you and your partner. Make your education in how to use the female condom a sensual experience for you both as you teach your lover to guide the female condom in firmly and snugly.

The female condom gives you a new option when it comes to safe sex and it gives you a greater measure of control in sexual encounters. It isn’t difficult to use and you’ll be pleased with the female condom’s effectiveness and the increased sexual freedom it provides.

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