Review of Sagami Original 002 Large Non-Latex Condoms

sagami_original_large_size_condomsI really wanted to like the Sagami Original 002 Large-sized Non-latex Condoms. They sounded very promising for a number of reasons. First of all, they are not made from latex. Instead, they are made from polyurethane. Secondly, they have a nominal width of 58mm, which is about the largest your going to find. Thirdly, Japanese companies are well-known for producing top notch products. If they can engineer some of the best cars and stereos, why not a better condom? And finally, they have kind of cool packaging. But ultimately I was disappointed due to their size constraint. Guys with average girth might really like them though.

First of all, on the plus side polyurethane is a very promising material for condom making. It is more durable than latex even though it is far more thin. As the name suggests, the Sagami 002 are just 0.02 mm thick. To put that into perspective, it is thinner than the width of a human hair.

Polyurethane conducts heat much better than latex too—so well that many other people who have tried polyurethane condoms have described it as feeling like they had nothing on.

Polyurethane also doesn’t have that funky latex smell, and people with latex allergies will obviously be interested in trying out polyurethane instead.

Now for the negative: Polyurethane is far less elastic than latex. This won’t be a problem for everyone though. It all depends on what size you are. More specifically, if the polyurethane condom is adequate circumference for your girth, than you’ll probably find them very comfortable.

However, if they are not of a large enough circumference, you may find it very hard to slip the condom on at all because the ring at the base doesn’t stretch out much at all.

The Sagami 002 Large Size has a nominal width of 58mm. This means the circumference would be twice that, or 116mm. If you want to convert that into inches, you get 4.56 inches in circumference. Now, keep in mind that the ring at the base of the Sagami non-latex condom is not going to stretch much at all. This means that guys with a penis girth of 5 or 5.5 inches may find these uncomfortable. If, on the other hand, you have a girth in the range of 4.5-4.75 inches, you will probably find the Sagami 002 Large to be a perfect fit.

For those of you who are on the wide side, I can’t really recommend a polyurethane condom until they are able to produce one that is in the range of 65-70mm just for the simple reason that they don’t really stretch out at all. If you fall into the category of 5 inches circumference and up, you’re probably better off with a relatively large sized latex condom such as Trojan Magnum XL just because it at least can stretch out to accommodate you even if it’s gonna be a snug fit.

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