My.Size Condoms Review – The Widest Condom You Can Buy

my_size_condoms_69_mmIf you’re like me – a guy with larger than average penis girth – then you know how frustrating it can be to find a condom wide enough to fit comfortably. Well, I’ve got great news for you guys, and that is My.Size Condoms in widths of up to 69mm can be purchased online from sellers at Amazon.

Why can’t you just buy them at your nearest Walgreen’s you ask? Sadly if you live in the US that is impossible, and it’s all due to the misguided policies of the FDA. Would you believe that they actually impose a maximum size restriction on the width of condoms that can be sold at stores in the US? It’s supposedly in the name of safety – something to do with the standard testing equipment that they employ – but it ends up being very size discriminatory. The maximum width allowed is not really all that big anyways. It might be too small for up to 10% of the population.

A condom is an item used for protection, but it is also something that you wear on a part of your body. Imagine for a second what it would be like if similar size restrictions were placed on clothing items that we wear on other body parts. What if size 10 was the largest shoe size made? Would you expect NBA players to all fit into size 10 shoes? Even if they had some type of rubbery size 10 shoe that could stretch over their feet – can you imagine them performing well on the basketball court being forced to wear such a thing?

That is exactly the situation that men with large penis girths are forced into when they have no choice but to don so-called “extra large condoms” that, at a width of 56mm, may be 20% smaller than they actually need.

It is common for many people – especially some women – to dismiss the concerns of guys who claim that the condoms available to them are too small. They’ll say these men are just looking for an excuse to go bareback or that they’re exaggerating the size of their member as a boast. But can you imagine the uproar if women found themselves in a similar situation? What if we restricted bra sizes to A and B-cup? If you have DD breasts, well that’s too bad – you can wear the size “large” (otherwise known as a B-cup). Good luck with that one!

If you need a condom with a larger circumference than the ones available on American store shelves, then you already know all about it. You know how uncomfortable it can be to have the ring at the condom’s base cutting off the circulation to your manhood. You know how it digs into your skin and leaves a painful compression mark that’s still visible half an hour after intercourse. You know how easy it is to lose an erection while squeezed into a rubber that is 3 or 4 sizes smaller than you really need. You know how difficult it can be just to roll the thing all the way down in the first place. The performance anxiety you have acquired from wearing ill-fitting condoms your whole life may even be strong enough to cause you to engage in unnecessarily risky behavior, like not using any protection at all.

You know that’s not a good idea!

If this sounds like you, then you’ll be much relieved to hear that you’ve finally got an answer. It may not be available at the nearest drugstore, but you can have it delivered right to your door, which is actually even better.

My.Size condoms are made in Germany where, thankfully, they don’t have such ridiculous size restrictions on condoms imposed by the government. This review is mostly focused on the larger sizes that are available, but this brand actually comes in 7 different sizes altogether:


Since there are already lots of other condom options available in the lower size ranges, let’s look just at the largest few My.Size Condoms. The largest, with a nominal width of 69mm would fit a person who has a penis circumference of 14-15cm, or roughly 5.5-5.9 inches. If that happens to be you, then you’ve been having to make do with condoms that are are least 20% too small–even with Trojan Magnums.

You won’t believe how refreshing it is to finally be able to wear a condom that fits right. Instead of it being an incredible chore to roll it all the way down to the base of your shaft, the My.Size Condom will go on with ease. Removing it, too, is not the painful procedure that you’re used to.

Your partner will be much happier as well because you’ll never again have the problem of a too-tiny condom squeezing the life out of your erection. With confidence, you’ll be able to perform at your best level.

You’ll avoid the agony of experiencing a burning STD infection because–with a condom that fits at hand–you won’t be tempted to skip wearing protection.

These, of course, are latex condoms, and so they do come with a normal latex smell and taste. If you’re in the habit of wearing condoms for oral sex, then you may find that the taste of the My.Size Condoms is too unpleasant. But for regular intercourse, on the other hand, you’re good to go.

The other minor drawback is that My.Size Condoms are only available in the US by purchasing them online from sellers outside the country. To make up for this inconvenience, it’s probably a good idea to order several packs at a time to make sure you don’t run out quickly. Even if you haven’t been having so many sexual encounters as of late, you may find that you have an urge to pick up the pace once you’ve got your sword sheathed in suitable gear.

I wholeheartedly recommend that you give one of the larger My.Size Condoms a try if you’ve been unhappy and disappointed by the selection of condoms available up to now. If you find that the 69mm version is actually a bit too big (what a lovely disappointment that would be!), then try the 64mm ones out for size.

2 Big Problems with Condom Sizes

xl-condom cartoonCondom sizes are an important factor when it comes to enjoying safe sex. As many men have found out, getting the right size can make all the difference in their love life. Unfortunately for some of us, there are two problems that make it difficult to find a condom that truly fits well.

The first problem is restrictions put on condom manufacturers by the government, and the second is the psychological marketing tactics that the condom makers themselves employ.

Big Government Gets in the Way of Big Condoms

No matter what your political leanings are, I’m sure there are some cases where you’ll agree that government pokes it’s nose in where it doesn’t belong. One case in point is the FDA restrictions on latex condom sizes that can be sold in the US. These regulations only allow for condoms with a nominal width between 47-57mm. This range will be comfortable for someone with an average penis circumference of around four and a half inches.

The problem is that not every man has average girth. Some of us are a little thick around the middle—to the point where even the largest condom sold will be uncomfortable. In fact, it is estimated that between 5-10% of men living in the US have a penis circumference that is too large to fit into a 57mm condom comfortably and safely.

Yes, this is a safety issue as well. Stretching a condom beyond 10% increases its chance of breaking, and the likelihood of breaking increases exponentially with increased width. A man with a 5.5 inch circumference penis really needs to be wearing a condom that can’t be legally sold in the US. A 57mm condom has to stretch out at least 23% to accommodate him.

Latex can stretch out, but this increased stretching increases the chance of breakage and also puts uncomfortable pressure on whatever is stuffed inside. The main problem from an engineering point of view is the ring at the base of the condom. A condom that is too tight-fitting will pinch very tightly at the base. In some cases this makes it very difficult for the condom to be rolled down the shaft to put on properly in the first place. It digs into the flesh and won’t roll any further. Some men may give up trying to roll it all the way and enter their partner with the condom only half-way rolled down. This makes it more likely for an accident to occur in which the condom pops off the top and they risk exposure.

A condom that is too tight also makes it difficult for many men to enjoy sex because it can kill their erection. The base pinches so tightly that if they begin to lose their erection anytime after putting the condom on, they won’t be able to get their erection back until they remove the condom completely since it is cutting off the flow of blood to the area.

The Male Ego Won’t Allow Proper Condom Labeling

The second major problem that gets in the way of men getting a properly fit condom is the psychological tactics used in marketing them to the consumer. Our sense of manhood is closely tied up with our ideas of penis size. It’s a big no-no for condom makers to label any product as “small” because they don’t want to insult the manhood of any of their customers. So they have to brand small sized condoms with term such as “snugger fit”, implying that it is intended to be a tight-fitting condom and not simply one just for smaller than average penises.

On the other hand, the word “large” and any related adjectives are very much encouraged. Men want to validate their manhood by using a large sized condom, implying that they are well-endowed above the average. The problem of course is that a truly large sized condom—one made for men having the top 5% of penis girth—would be much too large for the average sized penis. It would slide off too easily and be a health hazard.

So condom makers play a game with their customers to stroke their egos. They create “large” sized condoms that fit an average sized penis. Most men can use a large sized condom safely, and the deceptive package labeling gives them a reason to feel more manly than their peers.

The people who are out of luck in this situation are those who really do need a wider than average condom. Maybe the word “wide” is the keyword here that could offer a solution. If the FDA would reverse course and approve condoms to be made in a greater size range to match the reality of different sized people, then condom makers could come out with a line of “wide” condoms in addition to the “large” ones. That way, guys who actually need a wider condom could buy one, and average sized guys could still buy “large” sized condoms to keep giving their ego a boost.